The difference of Belt Motor Electric Skateboard and Hub Motor Electric Skateboard

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belt Motor Electric Skateboard with and Hub Motor Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard with external belt motor

This kind of skateboard adopts common skateboard wheels whose front wheels can be replaced directly if worn out. The rear wheels hubs are equipped with drive gear set. The external accessories such as belt may increase the additional cost because of frequent usage. Some skateboard belts are designed with protective covers others are not according to the different types;

Hub Motor Electric Skateboard

The motor is built into the wheels, so the motor coils can be seen through the spokes. The wheels are usually thinner and slightly inferior to the common skateboard wheels in terms of physical performance. The cost is relatively low because only the external layer of the wheel need be replaced rather than the whole wheel if the wheel is worn out.

To sum up, both the external belt motor and the built-in hub motor skateboard have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is definite good or bad between the two.

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