Four Important thing to notice when receive Electric Skateboards

1. The StrailBoards you just got is not full of electricity. Please charge the skateboard with the charger until show the green light.

2. After the remote control is connected to the skateboard, pull rod should be pulled to the bottom of the brake to unlock the skateboard,then the skateboard can be used freely.

3. Turn On:
   1) Turn on the remote control.
   2) Press the function key (this step is limited to receiving the first match of a new skateboard, which is not needed after the match has been made).
   3) Put it around the wireless icon area of the skateboard to find the induction area (not necessarily in the middle) to shut down correctly: 1) Press the function key of the skateboard for 3 seconds and turn off the power supply of the skateboard. 2) then close the slide switch.

4, Important!!  All li-batteries need to be maintained. The trick of maintenance is "don't wait until the battery is completely out of power to recharge." Electric Skateboard remote control power prompt flashing lights, and then use the skateboard will cause serious damage to the use of lithium batteries, very affect the life of the skateboard battery. So: skateboards indicate no electricity, do not use skateboards, timely charging.

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