How to choose a Skateboard,Which Skateboard is Right For Me?

Skateboarding is considered to be a popular activity, and It is also a favorite toy for many people. Most people love the cool tricks of skateboarding so that they can play handsome in front of the public or the square and win the applause of others. But whether you know that the choice of a skateboard is also learned. Just let me bring you to learn about it.

First, we need to know the classification of skateboards, as follows:

Double kick is the entry level skateboard for all electric skateboard types.
Its length, shape and specification are relatively uniform, you can choose different widths depending on the size of your feet. The wheels of double kick skateboard are small and hard, suitable for all kinds of street skateboard action.

Generally, it is played in square or skateboard park and other fixed places with flat ground and terrain, which is also the most playable type of left and right skateboards.

Double kick skateboard by nature are the extreme sports, all the playing methods are fancy trick skills. The general order of practice is sliding, swinging, Ollie, all kinds of tricks, it's really cool to do the consecutive actions when you finish the practice. With the basic practice, you can get into ollie's moves faster, and once you reach the ollie threshold, you will enter the real world of skateboarding.
Suitable for all friends who love skateboarding, and all sports lovers who like to challenge their own limits.
Which Skateboard is Right For Me
Longboard contain Cruising,Dancing, Freestyle, Downhill, Freeride,Slalom

Generally speaking, the skateboards longer than 33 inches are all called longboards. Whether you're looking for a casual walk or the ultimate thrill, there's a way to play the longboard.

Suitable for all friends who love skateboarding, and all sports lovers who like to challenge their own limits.

Mini Cruiser
Mini cruiser are usually between 22 and 33 inches long, and the materials are divided into plastic and bamboo. Mainly used for short walks in the city. The main advantages are lightweight, convenient and beautiful. The disadvantage is that the usage is relatively single, it is basically sliding on the flat ground. Large cruiser also can play some trick skills like double kick skateboard, or go to the skateboard park bowl pool the same as the double kick, but it will be more difficult than double kick.

Suitable for friends who only like sliding, and girls and boys who are skillful at sliding.

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