The Most 10 Inportant Thing to Consider when Selecting Electric Skateboards

1. Range. Whether commuting to work or weekend outings, Range is a more important factor to consider. The advantage of electric skateboards is that they can be used as ordinary skateboards when there is no power.

2. Weight. Electric skateboards are one of the lightest travel tools in the world today, but any type of electric skateboard has a different weight, and 5-7kg is the most suitable weight to carry.

3. MOTOR. The motor is the core of the electric skateboard, good and stable performance of the motor with the output power of the motor, can provide a very reliable and excellent driving experience. The larger the size and power of the motor,the better the speed, load-bearing capacity and climbing ability, but the heavier it is. Small size and power motors can further reduce the weight of the skateboard and improve the carrying capacity under moderate driving capacity.

4. Dual MOTORS OR One MOTOR?  Undoubtedly, electric skateboards driven by dual-drive motors perform better than single-drive skateboards in all respects. The two motors can spread out the power output in the running process, which can greatly reduce the load of a single motor and improve the performance and life of the motor. At the same time, the double drive skateboard will not run away from the single drive skateboard frequently. The dual drive skateboard is also better than the single drive skateboard in turning and braking. Of course, double-drive skateboards, if any motor goes wrong while you're driving, the other motor will keep running. And the single drive skateboard, if the motor is any problem is unthinkable.

5 Wheel motor or Outer rotor motor. With the development of motor technology, wheel motor is a major trend. There is a very vivid comparison, the external rotor motor is equivalent to the tractor power system, and the hub motor is equivalent to the power system of modern automobiles. The advantages of specific hub motors are compared with those of external rotor motors.

6 Central Control System and Wireless Remote Control System. The core of the electric skateboard is the central control system. A stable and safe central control system with excellent performance is the key to the good performance of the electric skateboard. Wireless remote control is the key to connect users and skateboards. Safe and stable wireless remote control scheme is a necessary link for the safe running of skateboards. At the same time, we have to consider some key functions on the remote control, such as power display, gear switching, backing, induction boot and other new things.

7. Price. The price of electric skateboards varies, but the cost of high-quality electric skateboards will be very high, including the surface, batteries, control boards, motors, etc., are not the general skateboards can compare. At the same time, with limited space and weight, the electric skateboard achieves high speed and endurance, which is inseparable from very complex and elaborate assembly process. Therefore, an excellent electric skateboard contains a high cost. Of course, we provide skateboards with multiple price ranges, which can be purchased according to their own conditions.

8.Appearance. Electric skateboards are currently the most fashionable and cool personal travel tools. If you carry an electric skateboard, you must be the most popular one, so of course the cooler the better.

9.Accessories and after-sales support. There are a lot of accessories for electric skateboards. You may need a lot of accessories after you buy them. It's a terrible experience if you can't get the necessary parts at any time. This is also the importance of after-sales, skateboards for a long time will inevitably occur small problems, good after-sales are crucial.

10.DIY Support or not? If the user can replace batteries, motor and tire and other parts, will there be better experience? If the skateboard is designed with replaceable modules, it will have great advantages.

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