The Strailboard is a new choice if you want a Electric Skateboard

When the first time got Strailboard,it looks,feels and package are much more like the Boosted,the new Electric Skteboard is a new competitor or only just a counterfeit?
Strailboard Electric Skateboard
I will not recommend an electric skateboard for less than $800. The reason for the build quality and preformance.
Now we are checking with the latest Strailboard Electric Skateboard.

Riding experience
Electric skateboard dual motor
The Strailboard come with dual hob Brushless Motor.  The electric longboard support up to a speed of 30 miles per hour and a climbing rate of 20%. The battery charging time is about 60 minutes.
strailboard electric longboard
The remote support rechargeable. Want to stop gently from the top speed? You can expect some heartbreaking bumps before you find the best point for the remote control.I driving to my office with 5 miles away,For cars on city streets and bicycle lanes, which average 20 miles per hour, this is a short sprint, but there are enough turns, corners and obstacles to reflect daily commuting.The lack of a complete bamboo deck (Strailboard uses maple deck) means that you are less flexible in the corner and can feel every flaw in the road below you.
strailboard front truck
Bottom Line
Not acknowledging the need for more competitive prices, high-end board manufacturers became the leaders, and brands like Strailboard played the role of serfs, rising in the process of many futile attempts to bring about revolution.Strailboard's board of directors is an example of a serf trying to turn electric skateboards into white-label markets.
electrick skateboard esc
At the same time, Strailboard is content not to be on the cutting edge of electric skateboards, but to focus on what brings the greatest value.

If you can cater to consumers who want to experience fashion, but don't spend $1,200 on toys - sorry, I mean the last mile of vehicles - then you may succeed in making some people happy.

For More Details with Strailboard Electric Skateboard,please check it here

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  • I’ve had my Strail for a few weeks… took a chance and blindly ordered an unknown.

    I can’t stop grinning when I’m near and especially riding the board, it’s very awesome and seems to be holding up quite well after approx 50 km of use.

    It’s a beast up hills when the battery is over 60%… I find the last few km’s a pain in the ass – it pulses power when low battery and really gets annoying. I work 7km away and am ‘able’ to do a return trip but the couple hills on the way home become labored if I don’t top up at the office. (looks like I’ll need a second charge cable)

    Deck is very nice, lots of bounce yet sticky as shiat… shoes make a big difference in feel and control – i prefer barefoot but that’s not too practical (or safe) in traffic…

    Speed is better than I require… haven’t even ventured into third power mode, I reach 25-28km/hr in mode 2 – as read off those traffic radar boards on side streets.

    The wheels are great, grippy and comfortable on uneven roads… my only complaint is they will grind up easily with road debris.

    The remote seems to be okay – I never really know what those lights mean, and not sure if it tells you when the remote needs charging… so I try to charge it along with the board to make sure I don’t have to push too often.

    I’m in love with my Strailboard!


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