Electric Skateboards Wheel Motor Difference

1. The power of the 90mm Wheel Motor 1000W and the power 500W of the 70mm wheel. So the speed of the big wheel can reach 35-40km/h. And The 70mm maximum speed is 25km/h.

2.The hub's diameter is 90mm and 70mm. The big wheel has strong climbing and shock absorption capacity.

3.The weight of the 70mm wheel is much lighter than that of the big wheel, which is about 1kg lighter.

4.70mm wheels are much cheaper than big wheels. Besides, big wheels and small wheels are in the same condition, such as batteries, controllers, remote controllers, chargers and loads. So a friend who needs high performance and high experience can choose the big wheel. Need to walk, light, cost-effective friends can choose the ferry.

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