Electric Skateboard remote control
Electric Skateboard remote control
Electric Skateboard remote control
Electric Skateboard remote control
Electric Skateboard remote control

2.4G Remote Control for Strailboard V2 Pro Electric Skateboard

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2.4G Remote for Strailboard V2 Pro

How to Pair Remote to ESC board or your Electric Skateboard,You'll need to pair your remote to your Dual Hub Motor ESC.

Here are the steps to pair your ESC Board or your Electric Skateboard:

Step 1: Make sure your electric skateboard ESC battery and remote control are fully charged.

Step 2: Turn on the ESC board and make sure the remote control is off.

Step 3: Hold down the ESC power button until the blue light flashes.

Step 4: Press the power button of the remote control for 3 seconds, and the remote control will enter the working state at this time

Step 5: With a pencil, pin, or paper clip, press the recessed hide button on the remote control and you will see the remote control start to light up and search nearby through the ESC. Let the remote do its job, it may take five seconds. While waiting, gently press the accelerator to see if the motor starts to rotate.
How to Pair Electric Skateboard Remote to ESC and Electric Skateboad

Your controller should have been paired with your electric skateboard and ESC board successfully.

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  • Order my remote on July 5th and haven't received it yet. Not even a confirmation number! Why havent i recieve my remote yet that order?

    Can you tell us your order number?We will check it for you,all our package come with tracking number,we will check your package for you.

  • How do I pair my new controller

    We have release the guide on our website,please check our website.

  • Does the controller take batteries

    Yes,the controller come with batteries

  • Dose the remote come with th reciver to bind

    Strailboard Electric Skateboard remote come with the reciver to bind.