Strailboard Electric Skateboard Battery

Strailboard Electric Skateboard Battery

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Strail Electric Skateboard Battery RANGE

36V 10S2P Battery:10-12 miles(16-19.3 km)
Powerful Samsung:15-20 miles


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  • Is the battery 36 volts? Sorry for asking too many questions hehe and along with the chatging port it also has another set of negative and positive wires right?

    The battery come with 36Volts and come with the charging port,the battery come with the charging wire connect with the charger.

  • Is the charging port inside the battery?

    Yes,the charging port inside the battery.

  • So does the samsung battery show as is on the picture with the battery charge port and plug? Thanks in advance:)

    The battery come with charge port and you need buy the charger.